2004 2500HD Duramax LB7

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Off-Road Camping Supplies supports the older Duramax platform.

These old Duramax trucks make an excellent platform for a overland build or family adventurer.

With a few maintenance upgrades. They make a very solid base. Of course if you are looking at buying a truck. Shopping around for the right one is key. Federal vs California or Fleet emissions. Federal being the best as they lack egr and cats from the factory. Less parts to require maintenance or expensive replacement.

The two major issues with the LB7 are injectors and pump rub. Once those are sorted. These trucks run a few hundred thousand miles before needing much more.

Based on age, we have designed a updated fuel line kit. The new fuel line kit can be ordered with or without PPE fuel fittings, lift pump, upgraded fuel filter.

A quick and simple replacement of old worn stock components when replacing old injectors. Also sell Kryptonite suspension components.

Which help bullet proof that GM steering design.

Pump Rub is an issue with the transfer case. If it hasn’t happened it’s a pretty straight forward fix. Basically the oil pump inside the transfer case rubs through the housing. We sell the kits that repair or prevent the issue. Something GM should have done from the get go.

We use these parts in our own trucks. With thousands of trouble free miles.

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